HAND TOOLS                                                      (Click on picture for more details)

Farrier tools

Forging tools

Hoof Nipper
12",14" and 15"
Hoof Nipper 12",14" and 15" Forging Tongs
6, 8, 10, 12 mm
Forging Tongs 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
Pull-Off Pull-Off Creaser
E- and City-nail
Creaser E- and City-nail
Clincher Clincher Fore-Punch
E- and City-nail
Fore-Punch E- and City-nail
Nail Puller Nail Puller Forging Hammer Forging Hammer
Hoof Knife Hoof Knife    
Buffer/ Clinch-Cutter

Buffer/ Clinch-Cutter

Driving Hammer Driving Hammer    
Rasp 14" Tanged Rasp 14" Tanged    
Toeing Knife Toeing Knife    
Sharpening Sword
Diamond Sharpening Sword  
Nail Cutter Nail Cutter    
Rawhide Mallet Rawhide Mallet    
Pritchel Pritchel    

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